Reporting Discriminatory Incidents

Reporting Discriminatory Incidents

The Cell Biology Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is committed to facilitating a safe, anonymous, and accountable pipeline for reporting incidents of discrimination. Please see below the current reporting pipeline in and beyond our Department. Please review our Cell Biology Zero-Tolerance Policy for Discrimination for further details and examples of discriminatory incidents.

Reporting in the Cell Biology Department

Any discriminatory incidents (discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, social status, mental or physical disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc) should be reported to the Departmental Mediator Dr. Blanche Capel ( ), Chair Dr. Scott Soderling (, or DGS Dr. Michel Bagnat ( Any reported incident will be safely and anonymously (if desired) investigated by the Department. The Department encourages reporting of incidents from bystanders.

If needed, the Department will forward the incident to the Duke Office of Institutional Equity for official reporting and investigation.

Anonymous Reporting of Discriminatory Incidents in the Cell Biology Department

If preferred, discriminatory incidents can be reported to the Ombudsperson and Chair completely anonymously using the form below. Please fill in the information in the form: Anonymous Form for the Reporting of Discriminatory Incidents in Cell Biology.

Reporting outside of Cell Biology Department- Duke Office of Institutional Equity

The Duke Office of Institutional Equity is the official agency that investigates discriminatory incidents at the University level. They help individuals identify and report acts of discrimination and provide steps to report discrimination and harassment here and below:

Need Help?

If you feel you’ve been subjected to prohibited discrimination or you have questions about Duke’s discrimination policy, please contact the Office for Institutional Equity at 919-684-8222.
You can also obtain help from any of the following resources:


Confidential assistance is available for employees through the Personal Assistance Service at 919-416-1727 (Duke Raleigh employees should call 919-872-4786).


Confidential assistance for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students is available through:

Applicants and Visitors

If you are a Duke applicant for employment or admissions or a visitor, there are resources to assist you with your concern or question involving discrimination. You may contact either:

  • The office or department with which you directly interacted

  • OIE at 919-684-8222

Learn how to file a discrimination complaint.

Neutral resources for handling Conflicts/Concerns/Problems:

o   Undergrad and Grad students (non-school of med professional students)

Ada Gregory
Phone: 919-660-2444
Urgent: 919-257-0160

o   SoM professional students and postdocs

Jean Spaulding, M.D.
Phone: 919-668-3326

o   Duke SoM Faculty

Laura Svetkey, MD MHS
Phone: 919-681-7788

o   University Faculty

Thomas Metzloff, PhD
Phone: 919-613-7055