Cell Biology In-House Student & Postdoc Seminars

In House Seminar Series:

Our In House seminar is held every Monday at 12:00 pm in 147 Nanaline Duke Building. It is an opportunity for one postdoctoral fellow and one student to speak for 20 minutes about their ongoing research. It is organized by senior students and postdocs in the Department and is well attended by primary and secondary faculty. This is an excellent forum to highlight new research directions as well as obtain feedback on the science and presentation skills. Speakers receive written feedback from faculty using an evaluation form. Questions? Contact Jacquelyn Soderling at jacquelyn.soderling@duke.edu.

April 22, 2024

Helen Rueckert – Hilton Lab

Heterogeneity of non-myogenic mesenchymal cells (NMMCs) in rotator cuff muscles and their roles in the pathology of massive rotator cuff tears

May 6, 2024

Jordan Green  – Evans Lab

Investigating the temporal dynamics of mitochondrial turnover in primary hippocampal neurons

May 13, 2024

Parsa Zareiesfandabadi - Bagnat Lab

Investigating mechanical properties of the vertebrate notochord

May 20, 2024

Min Lee - Lechler Lab

Investigating the interactions between keratinocytes and sensory neurons in the skin

Madeline Keenen, PhD - Gladfelter

Organoids as a model to dissect nuclear heterogeneity in the giant, multinucleated placenta syncytiotrophoblast cell

June 3, 2024

Natalie Thomas - Snyder Lab

Investigating the role of nuclear Alarmin IL33 in mammary gland development and oncogenesis

Pierre Gillotay - Poss Lab

Defining the robustness of spinal cord regeneration

June 10, 2024

Joseph Frank - Roper Lab

Neuromodulation of the intestinal epithelium by the efferent vagus

June 17, 2024

Yuleika Martinez Castillo - Evans Lab

Mitochondrial-Derived Vesicles (MDVs) as a repair mitochondrial quality control pathway in health and disease

Michael Scales, PhD - Lechler Lab

Transcriptional regulation of the neonatal intestine