Graduate Students

Graduate Students in the Department of Cell Biology

Cell Biology Graduate Student

Ph.D. and MD/Ph.D students are an integral part of the Department, which is deeply committed to their success.  Students typically spend the first year rotating between research laboratories and taking classes.  Course work is usually concluded in the second year and students then begin their thesis research in earnest.  The Graduate School Training Grant supports Ph.D. students for the first year, after which they are supported by funds from their mentor's laboratory.  Many of our students have been very successful in obtaining their own funding from a variety of sources such as the National Science Foundation, American Heart Association, Howard Hughes Medical Institute or a National Research Service Award (NRSA). More information on Graduate Students at Duke can be found at the Duke University Graduate School Website.

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Current Graduate Students

Mentored by Michel Bagnat:
Laura Childers - Latanya Coke - Siyao Wang

Mentored by Nenad Bursac:
Sophia Bunnell - Nicholas Strash

Mentored by Nicole Calakos:
Matthew Oliver

Mentored by Blanche Capel:
Shannon Dupont - Dilara Anbarci

Mentored by Yarui Diao:
Arinze Okafor

Mentored by Stefano Di Talia:
Yitong Xu

Mentored by Cagla Eroglu:
Maria Pia Rodriguez-Salazar - Christabel Tan - Nicholas Brose - Kavya Raghunathan - Gabrielle Sejourne

Mentored by Chantell Evans:
Jordan Schneider

Mentored by Charles Gersbach:
Samuel Reisman - Taylor Anglen

Mentored by Matthew Hilton:*
Helen Rueckert

Mentored by Ru-Rong Ji:*
Yul Huh - Ouyang Chen

Mentored by Andrew Landstrom:*
Robin Perelli - Minu Tshyeto Bidzimou - Enya Dewars

Mentored by Terry Lechler:*
Alexandra Prado Mantilla - Taylor Hinnant - Alec D’Alessandro

Mentored by Akankshi Munjal:
Jiacheng Wang - Nadia Eliora

Mentored by Chris Nicchitta:
JohnCarlo Kristofich - Emma Beane

Mentored by Ken Poss:
Clay Becker - Faraz Ahmed Butt

Mentored by Joshua Snyder:*
Joshua Ginzel - Joseph Fernandes

Mentored by Scott Soderling:
Kazi Hossain - Jaebin Kim - Joey Mao

Mentored by Purushotama Rao Tata:
Rebecca Shelley - Jeremy Morowitz

Note: * asterisk indicates Secondary Affiliated Faculty Member

Non-Cell Biology Affiliated Students in Labs:

Mentored by Stefano Di Talia:
Maya Evanitsky & Luke Hayden

Mentored by Cagla Erolgu:
Justin Savage (Neurobiology), Juan Ramirez (Neurobiology)

Mentored by Scott Soderling:
Daichi Shonai (MGM)