Scholarly Culture and Accountability Plan

Scholarly Culture and Accountability


The Department of Cell Biology is committed to fostering a culture of integrity to promote responsible conduct of research. Policies and procedures are in place to promote a culture in which scientific results are critically reviewed and accountability for data integrity is clearly defined. Our Scholarly Culture and Accountability Plan (SCAP) provides guidelines for encouraging responsible data management.

Cell Biology fosters an environment where scientific integrity is the highest priority, reflecting these guiding principles:

  • Emphasize high-quality, reproducible data and results which are stored and readily accessible for review.

  • Value constructive critiques of research.

  • Promote open discussion of any concerns regarding research conduct or integrity without fear of retribution.

Each member of the Department of Cell Biology – faculty, trainees, staff, and administrators – is expected to demonstrate and pursue these principles. We share a commitment to the highest standards of scientific activity.

Scholarly Culture and Accountability Plan

Visit the Duke Responsible Conduct Research (RCR) website where information about the requirement and links to options for fulfillment are always up-to-date. The ongoing faculty/staff RCR training requirement is to complete one online RCR course every three years and one in-person RCR course every three years

Resources to help or reporting concerns:
All members of the Department of Cell Biology share the responsibility of insuring that data generated is of the highest quality and reproducible.  If you have serious concerns about data integrity, scientific or professional standards, we encourage you to discuss these concerns with the individual, your mentor, principal investigator, faculty or Chair.  Individuals should feel comfortable reporting concerns without fear of retribution.  The following institutional contacts are also available.

Department Contacts:
Scott Soderling, PhD, Chair and Chief Research Officer
Heather Adams, Business Manager and Lead Research Administrator

Research Integrity Duke Office of Scientific Integrity Anonymous Duke Integrity Hot Line: 1-800-826-8109. You do not need to leave a name and calls will not be traced. Or call Duke’s Misconduct Review Officer: 919-668-5115
Financial Conflicts of Interest Duke Office of Scientific Integrity Conflict of Interest  
Human Subjects DUHS DUHS Institutional Review Board
  Campus Schools Campus Institutional Review Board
Animal Subjects Duke Animal Care and Use Program
Workplace Environment Occupational and Environmental Safety Office
  Office for Institutional Equity
Ombudspersons University Trainees Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Students
    Ada Gregory, 919-660-2444 or Email
  School of Medicine trainees Student and Postdoctoral: Jean Spaulding, 919-668-3326 or Email
  Campus Faculty Thomas B. Metzloff, 919-613-7055 or Email
  School of Medicine Faculty Laura Svetkey, 919-681-6386 or Email