EDI Recent News

Donate school supplies and clothing to benefit STEM students in nearby Lowe's Grove Middle School!

The Cell Biology EDI committee is excited to announce a drive to benefit STEM students in a nearby Durham Public School, Lowe’s Grove Middle School!  Lowe’s Grove is a Title 1 STEM Magnet School in the Durham community with a majority of students from low income families.

The drive will be for items to replenish the Lowe's Grove Supply Closet, which provides school supplies, backpacks, clothing and snacks to students who need them. Donations can include notebook binders, college-rule notebook paper, spiral notebooks, pencils and pens, as well as backpacks (used or new), socks, sweaters and t-shirts, and snacks (protein/cereal bars, crackers, fruit strips).

Please contribute to STEM students and their education in the greater Durham community by DONATING items - place them in the donation bin on 3rd floor NanDuke in the alcove next to the elevator facing Research Drive. The drive will last from Jan 5, 2023 to Mar 31, 2023.

Monetary donations: Donate to Urban Ministries by clicking this link. Please send an acknowledgment email to Cell Biology EDI when you donate (cellbiodiversity@duke.edu).  

The Cell Biology EDI committee is organizing a series of drives to benefit establishments committed to addressing the problem of systemic racism in our community. This will help the SoM achieve their recently announced goals of dismantling racism and advancing equity, diversity & inclusion in the community encompassing Duke University 

Please contact the EDI Committee (cellbiodiversity@duke.edu) if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.


Cell Biology's Support the Food Bank!

We calculated the total meals provided by the donated food and $$ contributions to be ~1500 meals !!! We would like to personally thank those in the Department who contributed to the DEI Committee food drive to make it so successful! The donations help combat hunger in NC. These efforts help advance equity, which is a major goal of the EDI Committee, the Department, and the SOM.

Cell Biology EDI Committee Openings

We are excited to announce that the EDI Committee is currently recruiting, join us! We have open positions for a graduate student and a research staff representative to join our dynamic committee of Cell Biology faculty, staff, and trainees. If you are interested, please send a statement of interest (one-page maximum) by Friday, May 28th 2021 to cellbiodiversity@duke.edu describing which position is of interest to you, why you are interested in the position, what you hope to accomplish in this position, and your current or past commitment to EDI efforts.


-Graduate students must have passed their preliminary exams.

-Applicant is willing to commit to a minimum of one year.

-Applicant can attend one-hour biweekly meetings.