EDI Member Profile: Molly Gooden

EDI Member Profile - Molly Gooden

Molly Gooden

Representative, Research Staff

Molly is the Lab Manager of the Evans Lab and assumes numerous responsibilities including mouse colony management, chemical and lab safety compliance, and investigating the expression patterns of mitophagy regulators in primary hippocampal neurons. Molly received her B.S. in Zoology from Mars Hill University and her M.S. in Biology at Western Carolina University. Before joining the Evans Lab at Duke, Molly pursued field research in bird and bat behavioral ecology for 5 years. While a North Carolina native, Molly has traveled to several states including Maine, Colorado, Kentucky, Illinois, and Alabama conducting on site demographic studies, acoustic surveys, and seasonal migration monitoring for both birds and bats. As a hearing-impaired employee and member of the Committee, Molly is passionate about improving the Department’s awareness of accessibility considerations for any students, faculty, and staff that may need them. In her free time, Molly enjoys attending Renaissance Festivals, reading graphic novels, and spending time with her friends and family for weekly game night.