EDI Member Profile - Lucio Schiapparelli


EDI Member Profile - Lucio Schiapperelli

Lucio Schiapparelli

Representative, Postdoctoral Associate

Lucio was born in Buenos Aires Argentina where he received his Pharmacy Degree at John Kennedy F. University. He then moved to Pamplona, Spain, to pursue graduated studies in Neuropharmacology at University of Navarra. Lucio then moved to the USA for his postdoc at Hollis Cline in New York at CSHL, and San Diego at Scripps Research. Now at Duke University, Lucio works in The Soderling Lab as Research Scientist. Lucio’s research interests focused on a variety of topics such as, learning and memory, the visual system and now, brain cortex development. Working as a scientist, I had the pleasure to travel to many different places and interact with people from different cultures from around the world from whom I always learned a lot. I am very interested promoting the multicultural perspectives I learn from scientific community as a role model for Society.