Graduation with Distinction

Graduation with Distinction in Biology, Class of 2022

Graduation with Distinction 2022

The Department celebrates the research accomplishments of Duke University undergraduate students. Three students graduated with honors in May 2022 for their contributions to Cell Biology research studies. Congratulations to the new graduates and their mentors!!

*Erica Langan   Mentor, Purushothama Rao Tata
Siyun Lee   Mentor, Ken Poss
Adam Lin    Mentor, Michel Bagnat

*High Distinction







Graduation with Distinction in Biology, Class of 2021

By performing research in the Department of Cell Biology, the following students graduated with distinction. Below are pictures of the students and video of the 2021 graduation ceremony. Congratulations class of 2021 and these graduates of distinction!

2021 Duke Graduation

Meghana Giri Mentor, Michel Bagnat
Generation of a zebrafish transgenic line for manipulating notochord patterning

Harry Liang* Mentor, Terry Lechler
Maf transcription factors and cell differentiation during epidermal development

Samuel Liu* Mentor, Purushothama Rao Tata
Establishment and characterization of culture conditions for primary human lung endothelial cells

Angela Renne Mentor, Andrew Lanstrom
Optimization of gDNA extraction from blood spot cards for SIDS biomarkers

Amy Zhao Mentor, Eda Yildirum
Role of the Nucleoporin 153 in transcription and spatial positioning of X-linked genes

*High Distinction

2021 Duke commencement highlights:



Graduation with Distinction 2021