Administrative Information and Departmental Contacts

Email list

Join the listserv to stay up to date on all events and seminars. Contact to make sure that you are added to the list.


Postdoc Slack channel

We have created a Slack channel exclusively for postdocs in the department. Slack is a workplace messenger app that makes it easy for postdocs to stay in touch, share information and resources, and ask questions to the community. To join, please email one of the members of the Organizing Committee and request an invite.


The Cell Bio Postdoc Club Organizing Committee 2023-2024

Cell Biology Postdoc Committee

Sushant Bangru (

Susanna Brantley (

Veronica Farmer (

Talia Hatkevich (

Madeline Keenen (

Boris Tezak (


Administrative Contacts

Scott Soderling: Chair

Heather Adams: Business Manager 

Suzette Billings: Administrative Assistant to the Chair, department events

Jamarcus Squire: Hiring, human resources, benefits, Duke Card

Jackie Soderling: Business administrator, travel reimbursements, P card receipts

Cristy McGranahan: Grants and contracts (pre award) (All grants must go through Cristy!)

Nancy Bishop: Grants (post-award) manager

Mark Langan: IT support, email lists, department servers