Stem Cells & Regeneration Faculty

Stem cells are unique from all other cells in that they can give rise to any and all of the many different cell types of our body.  While it has long been appreciated that embryonic stem cells exist at early stages of development, it has only been appreciated recently that many adult organs also contain small niches of stem cells that serve critical roles in tissue homeostasis over our lifetimes.  Faculty in our department are making key discoveries about how tissue regeneration and maintenance occur in the heart, brain, lungs, and reproductive system.  See also videos below highlighting some of the exciting discoveries being driven by faculty in the Stem Cells and Regeneration research theme. And, visit the site for the Regeneration Next Initiative spearheaded by Director Ken Poss. Gifting and support for the important research conducted by faculty in this theme can be directed here.

Brigid L.M. Hogan, Professor and Chair

  Mammalian development and organogenesis; tissue stem cells

Blanche Capel, Professor

  Sex determination and mammalian development

Stefano Di Talia, Assistant Professor

  Quantitative systems level approach to Developmental Biology

Chay T. Kuo, Associate Professor

  Postnatal neural stem cell plasticity, neural circuit remodeling, repair, and cancer

Terry Lechler, Associate Professor

  Morphogenesis of epithelial tissues

Kenneth D. Poss, Professor

  Mechanisms of heart and fin regeneration in zebrafish, tissue regeneration and morphogenesis

Eda Yildirim, Assistant Professor

  Epigenetic regulation and nuclear organization in mammalian development and disease