Secondary Affiliated Faculty

Below is a listing of the secondary faculty appointments within the Cell Biology Department.  Secondary faculty of our department are critical members of our Department, with whom we closely collaborate with on a number of research fronts.  Our affiliated faculty come from all corners of the Duke academic community. Clicking on their names will redirect you to more information regarding their research and clinical endeavors.  

Benjamin Alman, Professor

Vann Bennett, James B. Duke Professor

Jonathan A. Cohn, Associate Professor

Thomas Coffman, Associate Professor

Donald Fox, Assistant Professor

Neil Freedman, Assistant Professor

Raul Gainetdinov, Adjunct Associate Research Professor


Farshid Guilak, Professor


Matthew Hilton, Associate Professor

Brenton Hoffman, Assistant Professor

Daniel P. Kiehart, Professor

Bruce Klitzman, Associate Research Director

Daniel Lew, Professor

Elizabeth Murphy, Adjunct Assistant Professor


Scott Randell, Adjunct Associate Professor

Catherine Bowes Rickman, Associate Professor

Howard Rockman, Associate Professor

David W. Schomberg, Associate Professor

Sudha Shenoy, Assistant Professor

Debra Silver, Assistant Professor

Bryant Stolp, Medical Instructor

Mary Sunday, Professor


Matthew Velkey, Assistant Professor


Fan WangAssociate Professor


Jennifer West, Professor

William Wetsel, Assistant Research Professor