Marc G. Caron, Ph.D. (University of Miami)

James B. Duke Professor,
Department of Cell Biology
Programs: CMB, Cancer Biology


487 CARL Building, Box 3287
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710

919-684-5433 (office)
919-684-6606/6094 (lab)
Fax 919-681-8641

Dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine are key neurotransmitters in the central nervous system that regulates behavior and mobility. Studies of the mechanisms of action and regulation of these and other neurotransmitters and hormones at the cellular and molecular levels constitute the main goals of our research activities. Our laboratory uses a wide variety of techniques including animal models, cell systems, and molecular approaches to investigate how G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) and neurotransmitter transporters regulate homeostasis in health and diseases.

Recent Publications:

Sachs BD, Salahi AA, Caron MG (2013) Congenital brain serotonin deficiency leads to reduce ethanol sensitivity and increased ethanol consumption in mice.  Neuropharmacology S0028-3908(13)00417-6

Jørgensen CV, Jacobsen JP, Caron MG, Klein AB, Knudsen GM, Mikkelsen JD (2013) Cerebral 5-HT2A receptor binding, but not mGluRw, is increased in tryptophan hydroxylase 2 decrease-of-function mice. Neurosci Lett. S0304-3940(13)00806-9

Min C, Zheng M, Zhang X, Caron M, Kim K (2013) Novel roles for β-arrestins in the regulation of pharmacological sequestration to predict agonist-induced desensitization of dopamine D3 receptors.  Br J Pharmacol. Epub

Burkhalter MD, Fralish GB, Premont RT, Caron MG, Phiipp M (2013) Grk5l Controls Heart Development by Limiting mTOR Signaling during Symmetry Breaking. Cell Rep 4(4):625:32

Gregory KJ, Herman EJ, Ramsey AJ, Hammond AS, Byun NE, Stauffer SR, Manka JT, Jadhav S, Bridges TM, Weaver CD, Niswender CM, Steckler T, Drinkenburg WH, Ahnaou A, Lavreysen H, Macdonald GJ, Bartolome JM, Mackie C, Hrupka BJ, Caron MG, Daigle TL, Lindsley CW, Conn PJ, Jones CK (2013) N-aryl piperazine metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 positive allosteric modulators possess efficacy in pre-clinical models of NMDA hypofuction and cognitive enhancement.  J Pharmacol Exp Ther.  Epub

Schs BD, Jacobsen JP, Thomas TL, Siesser WB, Roberts WL, Caron MG (2013) The effects of congenital brain serotonin deficiency on responses to chronic fluoxetine. Transl Psychiatry 3:e291

Barak LS, Bai Y, Snyder JC, Wang J, Chen W, Caron MG (2013) Triphenylmethane dye activation of Beta-arrestin.  Biochemistry 52(32):5403-14

Philipp M, Evron T, Caron MG (2013) The role of arrestins in development.  Prog Mol Biol Transl Sci. 118:225-42

Sachs BD, Rodriguiz RM, Siesser WB, Kenan A, Royer EL, Jacobsen JP, Wetsel WC, Caron MG (2013) The effects of brain serotonin deficiency on behavioural disinhibition and anxiety-like behaviour folling mild early life stress. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol (16(9):2081-94

Thakur GA, Bajaj S, Paronis C, Peng Y, Bowman AL, Barak LS, Caron MG, Parrish d, Deschamps JR, Makriyannis A (2013) Novel adamantyl cannabinoids as CB1 receptor probes. J Med Chem. 56(10):3904-21

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