Fall 2013 Independent Study Students

Andrew Cangelosi

Ribosomes in transformed cells. Faculty mentor, Chris Nicchitta.

Lillian Kang

Anti-atherogenic mechanisms. Faculty mentor, Neil Freedman.

Rebecca Leylek

NdeI function in epithelia. Faculty mentor, Terry Lechler.

Sami Natour

Stk24a function. Faculty mentor, Michel Bagnat.

Shikha Nayar

Congenital scoliosis. Faculty mentor, Michel Bagnat.

Aly Premji

Neural stem cells and repair. Faculty mentor, Chay Kuo.

Arielle Shkedi

Trafficking of ribosomes. Faculty mentor, Chris Nicchitta.

Shweta Shukla

CAMKII activation in B1AR. Faculty mentor, Howard Rockman.

Alissa Wall

Modeling ribosome dysfunction. Faculty mentor, Nico Katsanis.

Sonora Williams

Dynamic affiliation. Faculty mentor, Marc Caron.

Spring 2013 Independent Study Students

Steven Canon Brodar

Genetic neurocognitive defects. Instructor, Nico Katsanis.

Jordan Jacquez 

TLR-4 activity in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Instructor, William Kraus.

Lilliam Kang

Kalarin in endothelial cells. Instructor, Neil Freedman.

Halina Krzystek

lincRNAs role in the gonad. Instructor, Blanche Capel.

Rebecca Ani Leylek

Arp2/3 function in epithelia. Instructor, Terry Lechler.

Anna Lipkin

GSK3B deletion and learning. Instructor, Marc Caron.

Sami Natour 

STK24a function in zebrafish. Instructor, Michel Bagnat.

Adrienne Niederriter

In vivo model of craniosynostosis. Instructor, Nico Katsanis.

Arielle Rachel Shkedi

Trafficking of newly exported ribosomes. Instructor, Chris Nicchitta.

Shweta Shukla

P13 phosphorylation. Instructor, Howard Rockman.

Christine Tsai

Lumen formation in zebrafish. Instructor, Michel Bagnat.

Alissa Wall

Modeling ribosomal dysfunction. Instructor, Nico Katsanis.

Annabel Wang

Zebrafish NFATcl expression. Instructor, Ken Poss.

Gracie Willert

Confirm dwarfism gene with TALENS. Instructor, Ken Poss.