Graduate Program in Cell Biology

The Department of Cell Biology offers a program of study leading to the PhD. degree in Cell Biology. The goal of this program is to train students in cell and developmental biology to become independent, innovative and critical scientists fully prepared for productive careers in academic and other settings. The Department offers strengths in neuronal, molecular, developmental and stem cell biology.

Admission to the Program

The Cell Biology Department does not accept applications directly. Rather, students enter Cell Biology from any of the interdepartmental training programs:

Students interested in the research programs in Cell Biology should apply to the Graduate School, listing one of these programs. Admission to one of these programs guarantees funding for the term of the Ph.D. Some funding slots are available to foreign students. In the first year, a student should plan to do a lab rotation with any Cell Biology faculty of interest. All students who decide to do thesis work with a Cell Biology faculty member are accepted into the department, and maintain dual association with their interdepartmental program.