Congratulations to Dr. Scott Soderling for being awarded the Kahn Neuro-technology Development Award 2017! This prestige focuses on high risk and high impact research in the area of brain science and disease and the pioneering of new technologies developed by means of collaboration with or use of Core facilities to build interdisciplinary partnerships.

Duke Department of Cell Biology

Cell Biology is one of the eight basic science Departments of Duke Medical Center. Faculty of our Department are internationally recognized for their research, which excels in basic biomedical research at the cellular, molecular, structural, and organismal level. Equally important to the mission of the Department is preparing our graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and medical students for successful and rewarding careers in academic, clinical, and non-academic settings. Members of Cell Biology work together to generate a supportive, enthusiastic, and diverse environment that fosters the innovative and creative ideas that drives our science. Learn more....

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Dr. Nico Katsanis honored with 2017 Curt Stern Award

Nico Katsanis

Dr. Nico Katsanis of the Center for Human Disease Modeling has received the honor of the 2017 Curt Stern Award. This recognition is given to a research scientist who, through one single major discovery or a series of related contributions to a similar or related topic, has made outstanding scientific achievements in human genetics research in the last decade.

Dr. Brigid Hogan receives the Research Mentoring Award for Basic Sciences

Dr. Nancy Andrews and Dr. Brigid Hogan

Our very own Chair, Dr. Brigid Hogan, was recently recognized as a recipient of the Research Mentoring Award for Basic Science. This honor, established in 2009, is bestowed upon a faculty member in the School of Medicine who demonstrates excellence in the ways of research, program implementation, creative support to mentees, and success of students’ accomplishments.

Illustration by Sam Chivers.

Illustration by Sam Chivers.

Spectrum News features Soderling Lab

"Exploring the Hidden World of Inhibitory Brain Signals"

by Dr. Scott Soderling, Associate Professor,
& Dr. Akiyoshi Uezu, Research Associate
Winter 2017

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