Blanche Capel, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)

Professor, Department of Cell Biology

Duke University Appointments and Tenure Committee
Director of Admissions, Developmental Biology Training Program


452 Nanaline Duke Bldg., Box 3709
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710

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Sex Determination, Testis and Ovary Development, and Germ Cell Biology

   The process of sex determination in mammals is dependent on the gonadal expression of a single gene on the Y chromosome, Sry. However, downstream of this dominant genetic switch are complex antagonistic signaling pathways that wage the battle of the sexes in the bipotential gonad. These signals determine the fate of gonadal cells and lead to the development of either a testis or an ovary. We study the cell and molecular pathways that regulate organogenesis of the testis and ovary. Other work in the lab centers on a comparison to temperature dependent sex determination in the red eared slider turtle Trachemys scripta elegans, and the biology of germ cells in the testis and ovary. Experimental approaches include organ culture, transgenic mice, confocal microscopy and live imaging, biochemical and molecular techniques, comparative embryology, classic mouse genetics, and systems biology.

Recent Publications:

DeFalco T, Potter SJ, Williams AV, Waller B, Kan MJ, Capel B. (2015)  Macrophages Contribute to the Spermatogonial Niche in the Adult Testis.  Cell Rep12(7):1107-19.

Bustamante-Marin XM, Cook MS, Gooding J, Newgard C, Capel B. (2015)  Left-Biased Spermatogenic Failure in 129/SvJ Dnd1Ter/+ Mice Correlates with Differences In Vascular Architecture, Oxygen Availability, and Metabolites.  Biol Reprod. 2015 Jul 29. pii: biolreprod.115.128850. [Epub ahead of print]

Lin YT, Capel B. (2015) Cell fate commitment during mammalian sex determination.  Curr Opin Genet Dev. 32:144-52.

DeFalco, T, Bhattacharya, I, Williams, AV, Sams, DM, Capel, B.  (2014) Yok-sac-derived macrophages regulate fetal testis vascularization and morphogenesis.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 111:E2384-2393

Capel, B. (2014) Ovarian epithelium regeneration by Lgr5(+) cells.  Nat Cell Biol 16:743-744

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DeFalco T, Saraswathula A, Briot A, Iruela-Arispe ML and Capel B (2013) Testosterone levels influence mouse fetal leydig cell progenitors through notch signaling. Biol Reprod. 88(4):91

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