Primary Faculty

The Department of Cell Biology has 17 primary faculty dedicated to the latest research in cell biology as well as teaching.  See also the listings of faculty by research themes in the drop down menu or click on any name to see a full profile of each faculty member.

Brigid L.M. Hogan, Professor and Chair

  Mammalian development and organogenesis; tissue stem cells

Michel Bagnat, Associate Professor

  Cellular mechanisms of tube formation and fluid secretion in zebrafish

Blanche Capel, James B. Duke Professor

  Sex determination and mammalian development

Marc G. Caron, James B. Duke Professor

  Hormone/neruotransmitter action; regulation of responsiveness; models of drug addiction

Joseph M. Corless, Associate Professor Emeritus

  Medical Student teaching

Stefano Di Talia, Assistant Professor

  Quantitative systems level approach to Developmental Biology

Sharyn Endow, Professor

  Molecular motor structure/function

Harold P. Erickson, James B. Duke Professor

  Cytoskeleton of eukaryotes and bacteria, cell adhesion and extracellular matrix

Cagla Eroglu, Associate Professor

  Synapse formation in the CNS; Role of astrocytes in synapse formation

Nicholas Katsanis, Professor

  Genetic and celluar basis of pleitropic disease

John Klingensmith, Associate Professor

  Molecular genetics of mammalian development and birth defects

Chay T. Kuo, Associate Professor

  Postnatal neural stem cell plasticity, neural circuit remodeling, repair, and cancer

Thomas J. McIntosh, Professor

  Membrane Structure, membrane rafts

Christopher V. Nicchitta, Professor

  mRNA localization, protein synthesis, and translational regulation

Kenneth D. Poss, James B. Duke Professor

  Mechanisms of heart and fin regeneration in zebrafish, tissue regeneration and morphogenesis

Michael K. Reedy, Professor

  Molecular basis of muscle contraction, fidelity of EM fixation, microscopic mass measurement

Scott H. Soderling, Associate Professor

  Synaptic signaling to the actin cytoskeleton, synaptic basis of neuropsychiatric disorders

Purushothama Rao Tata, Assistant Professor

Steven R. Vigna, Associate Professor

  Gastrointestinal hormones and neuropeptides, medical student teaching

Eda Yildirim, Assistant Professor

  Epigenetic regulation and nuclear organization in mammalian development and disease